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3 P, spol. s.r.o.
U Žel. Mostu 373
675 71 Namest nad Oslavou
Czech republic

telefon/fax:: +420 568 610 111 / 114
sales department: sales@3p.cz


Material delivery to 3P - 6:30 -14:00



23. 05. 2019

Construction of the year 2018

3P is part of construction of the year in the Zlin region

10. 04. 2019

Duhový paprsek 2018 - another success

3P is again awarded in the competition - this time in the light advertising category

29. 03. 2019

3P in newspaper

Newspaper article about 3P and its current business and affairs

30. 05. 2018

Duhový paprsek 2017 - award

3P comes out of prestigious award ceremony with 2 first places

Retail chains, franchises, global corporations

The simplicity of signage of individual business chains is the main marketing requirement of primarily international companies. 3P ensures uniformity of the advertising components. The precision and comprehensiveness of services during the production of advertising signage for business chains has thought the years brought success in a form of signage for firms like Baumax, Elektroworld, Hypernova, Datart, Siko, Klenoty and Deichmann.

If you have any question or inquiry on the retail chains signage, please use our contact form.

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