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20. 12. 2018

PF 2019

PF 2019

21. 12. 2017



10. 02. 2017


Large format illuminated lightboxes for belgium dwarf. Projects like thist are exactly type that we like to produce. 

12. 12. 2013

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


A very effective tool for marking a place of business, car dealership, branches of banks, insurance agencies, and larger firms is the so-called fascia. Basically it is a large illuminated box which is specially made in the style of the given customer. The body is often made of aluminum or dibond, illuminated with fluorescent lamps, and the front place is made in various ways from the simplest translucence of flat plexiglass to precisely cut shapes in metal plates with illuminated salient parts of Plexiglas.

If you have any question or inquiry on the fascias, please use our contact form.

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