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3 P, spol. s.r.o.
U Žel. Mostu 373
675 71 Namest nad Oslavou
Czech republic

telefon/fax: +420 568 610 111 / 114



20. 12. 2018

PF 2019

PF 2019

21. 12. 2017



10. 02. 2017


Large format illuminated lightboxes for belgium dwarf. Projects like thist are exactly type that we like to produce. 

12. 12. 2013

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Technologies and Workplace

Plastic processing

  • Vacuum pressing
  • Heat treating – bending in moulds and strings
  • Milling on CNC machines
  • Adhesion


Zpracování plastu

Metal processing - steel and aluminum alloys

  • Separation on band saws
  • Separation on mechanical shears 3000/3.0 mm
  • Bending on CNC power breaks to 4500 mm
  • Milling on CNC machines
  • Welding of steel and light metals
  • Locksmith’s works


Zpracování kovů - oceli i Al slitin


  • Electro-installation
  • Checking of electronic products
  • Installation of electronic equipment and HV/LV distributors



Work with neon

  • Elaboration of orders with the help of a PC program
  • Production of neon tubes
  • Installation of neon tubes
  • HV electric connection of neon systems


Práce s neony

Graphics studio

  • Graphical visualization of orders
  • Preparation of data for printing of advertisements
  • Cut folio graphics - plotter work


Grafické studio


  • Foil coat on flexible surface (vinyl)
  • Foil coat on firm surface
  • (plexi, metal plate, ACM/Dibond, glass, etc.)
  • Decoration works



Surface finishing

  • Powdered varnish - so called komaxit (imitation matt chrome)
  • Products up to the size of 4500 x 1700 x 1000 mm


Povrchová úprava

Delivery and technical security of materials

  • Security of material by renowned suppliers
  • Delivery of material and persons by our vehicles
  • Delivery of large-sized advertisings


Doprava a MTZ

Service and installation of advertisings

  • Installation of advertising items
  • Customer service for advertising items
  • Paintings and covers of foil graphics
  • Altitude works carried out with climbing technique


Servis a montáž reklam