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3 P - illuminated signs


3 P, spol. s.r.o.
U Žel. Mostu 373
675 71 Namest nad Oslavou
Czech republic

telefon/fax:: +420 568 610 111 / 114
sales department: sales@3p.cz


Material delivery to 3P - 6:30 -14:00



23. 05. 2019

Construction of the year 2018

3P is part of construction of the year in the Zlin region

10. 04. 2019

Duhový paprsek 2018 - another success

3P is again awarded in the competition - this time in the light advertising category

29. 03. 2019

3P in newspaper

Newspaper article about 3P and its current business and affairs

30. 05. 2018

Duhový paprsek 2017 - award

3P comes out of prestigious award ceremony with 2 first places

Launching new web pages!

By the end of 2008, our company 3 P – illuminated signs started gradually launching new web pages with modern graphic design, clear organisation, and very easy orientation, including a new structure of photographic reference search.
The 3 P – illuminated signs implementation team worked long and hard to create an effective web presentation. We paid special attention to clearness and division of activities according to a number of parameters. This is why the 3 P – illuminated signs web pages are not only universal for all our existing customers; they also are sufficiently precise for people searching for specific information.
Naturally, creating the web pages is not the end, but the beginning of our work. For the future, we plan to update our photographic reference database, and add functions necessary for quality web pages of every professional company.
We hope you will find our web pages helpful and effective, and that you will be happy to revisit them. Your comments and suggestions are sincerely welcome.